A Message From Your Average Student/Athlete/Muse

In reading this, you’re doing both me and yourself a huge favour, and so I thank you.

Being 15 and not having a burning desire to write some soppy vampire love-story, join a boy-band or plot a miraculous rise-to-fame on YouTube, I’ve decided to start a (I never thought I’d be saying this!) blog to share my stories and ideas, whilst hopefully achieving some form of legitimate readership*.

The main points of focus will be what I’ve identified as three major aspects of my life: School, Sport and, perhaps to the dismay of some, Pokémon. While each will have its own face-value stories and strategies (via which amusement will ensue, I promise), I will also delve into some fundamental and perhaps rhetorical questions pertaining to each diverse topic**, not just the mediocre and mundane that runs rife elsewhere.

I do admit that, in its current state, this site is the electronic equivalent of the Elephant Man, but hopefully, with your help, I will be able to generate enough traffic to warrant decent revenue. I will put this back into the site, creating a more pleasurable experience for all involved.

Once again, I thank you for your time. Enjoy your stay!

*Yes, I do understand this is on par with the first three highlighted points in terms of chances, but at least it’ll be something you will benefit from too.

**In other words, School, Sport and Pokémon are a varied choice of subject which can illustrate a variety of philosophical matters.


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